Our Company

Biebelhausener Mühle GmbH & Co. KG in Ayl-Biebelhausen 
Many years of experience and tradition

Embedded into the beautiful landscape of the county of Saarburg, few kilometres from Trier and the border to Luxemburg the small village of Biebelhausen can be found. Already since the 17th century, Biebelhausen is the home of our traditional company.

We distinguish by a long baking tradition, high professional competence and a distinctive relation towards naturally finished products.

In 1928, the traditional mill operation was complemented by a bakery and later on also by a pastry. The bakery and pastry today employs about 600 people. We combine classic baking tradition and know how of the bakery trade with production technologies at the state of the art. All raw materials and final products are constantly supervised by the members of our internal quality management, for highest quality is the base for success of the Biebelhausener Mühle.

Our products are offered in food trade as well as in 60 own subsidiaries above all in neighbouring Saarland, Trier area, Eifel, Hunsrück and Luxemburg.

Since March 2003, the Biebelhausener Mühle family also includes the Bescheider Mühle, a traditional bakery company. In Bescheid, the Bescheider Mühlenbrot, which is bread with a large regional success, is baked in a beach wood fired stone oven, according to the original old receipt passed on from generation to generation.